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Newebaa, South Sinai

"Wake up to the twinkling sea and the sound of everyone wishing each other ‘good morning’ over freshly baked bread and coffee. Spend the day lounging in the shade or tanning in the water, then go on a thrilling sunset hike in the gorgeous sun-baked Sinai mountains. Then come back for a rich, filling dinner before settling under more stars than you’ve ever seen, with the sound of music and strangers bonding like old friends"

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Single, Double, Triple, or Quadruple 


Our straw huts and wooden bungalows, with our signature string art and painted designs, feature a mix of verandas and rooftops

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Single, Double, Triple, or Quadruple 


All our tents have sockets and fans. In the winter months, this is your warmest option, keeping the sun in all day.

Bring your own tent


For the more resourceful souls, bring your own tent and set up in our spacious campsite.

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