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All About Dayra Camp

Dayra means ‘Circle’ in Arabic

At the center of our camp, you can find the acacia tree we got our logo from. When we first started Dayra (which means ‘circle’ in Arabic), the tree was empty and barren, nothing but brown, brittle branches.

Within a few weeks, the tree started growing new leaves, growing greener and greener as more people visited our little home between the mountain and the sea.

We watched as the tree rebuilt its ecosystem, nourished by the new life around it: bees and worms and birds found their way back, feeding on the tree and feeding back to it.

We built Dayra on this same model: a circle of creators, visitors, and wanderers with whom we nourish the roots we’ve planted.

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For the memory of Zeus. 2014 -2021.


We left the city in 2015 and never looked back. Away from the hectic life and old routines of Cairo, we brought our different experiences together to build our new life between the sun-baked mountains of Sinai and the pristine Red Sea.

In a sustainable, environmentally-responsible camp lifestyle, we were able to create a community of musicians, artists, backpackers, and wanderers that call Dayra home, no matter how short they stay.


Partners & Clients

Over the years, Dayra Camp partnered with many esteemed organizations to promote eco-tourism and raise awareness over nature preservation and history in Egypt. We continue to do our share for healthier lands, people, and globe. If you believe partnering with us can help you in solving a social challenge or raise awareness over issues that impact humanity and Earth, contact us and let's change the world. 

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